Sunday, November 05, 2006

I Love Fall

and fog...and frosty mornings...and although it doesn't begin with an "f," my Rebel camera.

I have been having so much fun with it -- getting up early to capture the fog...staying up late to to capture spooky moonlit nights. I have been reading Bryan Peterson's book, Understanding Exposure. It is wonderful...and for the first time (although my pictures don't show it yet) I am seeing the relationship between ISO, aperture and fstop. Way cool. Now if it would just work its way from academic head knowledge to being applied to actual photography that would be even cooler! *smile* I know...I know -- "Rome wasn't built in a day," "Good things come to those who wait," "And everything of value takes time" ... but I want it right now...forget the delayed gratification thing...(can you tell I am doing everything short of stamping my foot?)

Happy week to you all...and may all your images have perfect exposure!


  1. it! Beautiful pictures!

  2. I like the spooky moonlight night!
    You captured some natural beauty of mother nature..girl! Way to go.

  3. Way to Jann! Love the weeping willow tree! I can so see that scrapped a little shabby, but simple...know what I mean?

  4. EDIT......that was supposed to read...Way to Go Jann!

  5. cool pictures! What fun you can have when you are insomniac!


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