Monday, May 28, 2007

Dry Spell

I have found that not sitting down to my scrapbooking table for several days leads to two things.

1. Almost a hunger to touch paper and get my hands busy on creating SOMETHING.

2. Not always the best results.

However, the satisfaction of just getting to get back to it is worth not totally LOVING the results...I still managed to capture what was in my heart...and while they won't win any prizes...they are qn expression both of creativity and the love I have for the process of journaling and capturing my thoughts about life, faith and the people I love. So here are the three I have done yesterday and today.
I did really enjoy working on this one about my grandfather. While I was away, I was doing a lot of journaling about following your dreams...and trusting God with them. That got me thinking about my grandpa -- GRAMPS. One of the wisest men I have ever as all get out -- deeply in love with God, a great father husband, provider, grandparent, lover of life and history -- knowledge in general actually. His life long dream was to become an attorney -- but the depression and world war II made that an impossibility. However, he was also one of the most content men I have ever known. He was a carpenter -- and took great pride in his work...he often quoted the scripture to me that " we do not do our work for men...but our work is for the glory of the Lord." He certainly lived that out -- without bitterness or anger that the thing he really wanted to pursue was not to be. He did what he was able to do with courage, excellence and commitment. I learned so much from him...including how to build furniture and use all those "manly" tools. He is a part of my creative heritage...and I want to live a life of contentment knowing that he left that legacy to me as well. Is the work you do your life's dream? If not -- do you still honor God with it? I know I have to ask myself this question very seriously.
Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable (relaxing too) Memorial. And may God keep our troops safe in the midst of this war -- and bring them home safely. I am grateful for my Grandfather and my dad (both veterans) for their service that makes freedom possible for myself and all of us. Thank you men and women of the armed services. Your sacrifice is noted and appreciated.


  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Great layouts, Jann! What a wonderful legacy your grandfather left! What a great story you have to tell for him! Just neat!

  2. I don't think your break from scrapping has affected your mojo at all!
    I love these.
    They are some of my favorite layouts you've ever done.
    I love the journaling and the picture on "Pondering."
    That is a great pic of you.
    And what a fantastic tribute to your grandfather!!!!!

    You are blessed to be able to speak well of your grandfather.
    Both of mine were bad, bad men.

    Miss you too!

  3. Huh???? I didn't comment? I thought for SURE I did. Well without re-reading this, which I will need to do again. I absolutely LOVE the layout of you "pondering". It is absolutely fabulous!


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