Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A room with a view

Hello my dear friends...

For the first time during a cruise, I had a room that had a porthole in it and I LOVED it! Every time I would walk into the room I had to go see what I could see. During the daytime when we were in port -- I had views like this---->

At night, the ship would have lights shining down on the water and I could see the blue and white waves as the ship sailed to our next port of call. It was really quite intriguing and fun to see.

The conference went really well -- and what a blessing to get to work with Royce. We had great worship leaders (Tommy Walker, Ross Parsley, Rita Springer and Jeff Deyo) and the conferees were superb. There are some inherent challenges in organizing a conference on a ship rather than at a hotel (since there isn't a Staples just down the road to grab what you forgot)...but the benefits of relaxation and visiting different cities while staying unpacked in one room far out weigh the challenges. (OK, perhaps I should mention that that whole relaxation thing is for the conferees -- Royce and I -- not so much).

One night we took everyone to the Johnnie Rockets Diner and served milkshakes. Royce was just in his element.

One night on the ship is "formal night." My friend, Summer and I thought our shoes were "hot" so we took pictures of our feet. Yes, we are goofy and No, we do not have a foot fetish!
Hope you all are doing well. I am still in Chicago -- til Friday and enjoying some beautiful days here. I enjoy being in a city where you can get out and walk...so much to see. Of course, I am working -- so there isn't a LOT of time to get out and walk but I am taking every opportunity that we have. One night we are thinking about going to see The Blue Man Show. Have any of you seen it? Is it worth going to?
Well...I guess I better run. Know I miss you and can't wait to find a way to catch up with you when I get back.


  1. Gosh..you are a busy busy lady! Hope to see you real soon!

  2. Anonymous3:18 AM

    WOW! Those shoes rock! Wish I could wear stuff like that! Sounds like a fun time!

  3. Blue Man. Saw them ions ago in Chicago. I enjoyed the show.
    My sisters and I took a shot like that at my wedding. All of us in a circle, just our shoes...maybe I should scrap that.


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