Monday, May 28, 2007

Picking up the Groove

I so rarely do this...but I have taken today as a TOTAL day off. I don't even feel guilty! Royce called and made breakfast -- so I went over to his house for awhile...watched the Sopranos marathon. Then I came back to the house, turned on the Law and Order Criminal Intent marathon and went into my studio. I have created quite the mess! Paint, stamps, transparencies, watercolors, rubons, glitter, ink, paper, scissors, glue and of course PHOTOs. They are everywhere. It was total play. Trying new techniques...not trying to accomplish anything...just PLAY! I did actually complete one lo...this one about my nephew. I have plans to go back into the studio in a while and use some of my new things on some other los. I will keep you posted...unless of course you are on a play day of your own -- which means you won't be showing up here anytime soon. Enjoy your day -- wherever you may play!


  1. Too cute!
    I am just loving your handwriting!

    And I was thinking when I saw your comment on my blog, you need to get a profile pic that shows the new "hotter" you. LOL That pic you use almost doesn't look like you now!!

    I left ya a comment below too.

  2. So glad to have you home!
    I love your new layouts -
    isn't it nice to be home to scrap?!


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