Friday, May 18, 2007


I find myself fascinated with transparency these days. The kind you use on layouts like Hambly or ones I make myself...and the kind of transparency that we need in our lives with our friends and families. Perhaps it is a good thing that my fascination with the first -- led to me hearing God speak to me about the second.

This layout above is one that I did to teach a class for a group of ladies whose husbands and/or sons went on the Pathfinder trip with Royce and Weston. I created a transparency to frame the picture and to make a place for the journaling. As I was working on it, I began to focus on why I liked the maybe I am becoming a bit overly analytical -- and not to take an analogy to its dying breath -- but I realized that transparency is good when it enhances the object/picture/person that you are viewing it through. Not that it makes it better...but it lends understanding or more texture or .....something.

I want to be that kind of transparent person with my friends and family. Not that everyone in the world needs to see me clearly -- but I want those who are close to me to not have to GUESS at who I am -- or what is important to me....I want it out there. I want them to be SURE of my love, confident of my ability to be their champion, clear where my boundries are and certain that the person I say I am is really WHO I AM.

Isn't that one of the reasons that those of us who love scrapbooking do we can leave a transparent record of who we were...what was important to us...not just our memories -- but our lives and the lives of those we loved? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh....well -- see I go away from the blog for awhile and come back a philosopher. How about tomorrow we work on something more lighthearted like a few pics from the cruise?!?!?!?! *laughing*


  1. Beautiful page - as always!!!!

    I love your words about being transparent.

    We use that word a lot at my church. I had never really thought about it until I went there. It's hard sometimes, but I want to be transparent enough that people can see that I still have faults even though God is changing me daily.

    I miss seeing you!

  2. absolutely beautiful layout!
    i like it when you share your wisdom here:)
    are you in tn, tx or someplace else right now?
    miss you!

  3. Love it!

    I really miss you!


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