Monday, August 06, 2007

Favorite Things

Hello friends...hope everyone is off to a GREAT week. I am in Indianapolis for a conference this week. Should be good -- but have to tell you that traveling for another week is NOT one of my favorite things at the moment. Ready to be home and able to get back to a more regular routine. Ah well...paying the house payment IS one of my favorite things -- so, I believe this balances this out to a "neutral thing" if not a favorite!
One of my favorite things this weekend was getting to hang with my friends from Scrap It! We had a huge crop this weekend with more than 70 people in attendance...the scissors, glue, paper and embellishments were FLYING! One of the funnest things was doing a round robin -- will have to show you the results when I get back. We each got 10 minutes to start our layout...then had to pass it off to the next person -- and they had 10 minutes to work on it and then passed it on. With six people in our group each layout got an hours worth of work -- and we each got a finished layout. I loved it....the results were fabulous -- with a touch of each of my friends and new friends on my page. What a treasure. I also got to spend some time with Renee, Chelle, Ann and Dana -- which is even a greater treasure with as much traveling as I have been doing lately. off to work some more just wanted to say hi


  1. It was great to see you Saturday! I loved the Round Robin game..I wish I would have played..I just was too scared I would mess someone's l/o up..maybe next time.
    Be careful while traveling.

  2. Beautiful LO!!! You are doing some GREAT work!!

  3. That's a fabulous layout!! You are thinking your favorite things and I'm thinking my wildest dreams. I must scrap mine.


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