Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Copic Coloring Tutorial

Hi friends....hope you are surviving the heat wave! I am trying to move as quickly as possible from my car to whatever building I am going into...since being "a woman of a certain age" means that I have my own personal summer going on - and the heat wave is NOT helping! I so would not have made a good "prairie woman!"LOL

I am blessed to have plenty of cool air (and extra fans going) in my house - so it is a joy to get to spend some time in my studio! Life has been so crazy of late - that time in my studio is even more precious!

I actually created this card (and taped the process) quite a few weeks ago for my sister's birthday...but I have just gotten the editing done....trust me - you didn't want to watch the un-edited version! Working with Copics is a lot of fun for me...but the blending process is a bit time consuming....so I edited it down to the major steps...and sped up the coloring process so you could see it - without being bored with the "real time" version of it.

Hope you enjoy it - and please leave me a comment letting me know what you think...since this is really the first time I have shown what my Copic coloring process is like, I would love your feedback on what I could do to make this type of tutorial more useful for you.

Have a great rest of the week...and STAY COOL!


  1. I watched your video on You Tube and then came to your blog. I don't think you need to improve anything about your video. I am very new to Copics and I thought your video was fine. I loved the finished product!

  2. Hi Jann! So good to hear from you! Your card is gorgeous! I'm not doing the Copic thing but it's fun to watch you color and hear your tips! I've been doing a bit of coloring with pencils and mineral spirits, so shading advice is always helpful! I sent you an email a while back...Hope all is well with you! It would be lovely to see more videos! I've missed you!...Nancy :o)

  3. That is absolutely stunning! One thing I have a problem with is knowing where the shadows need to go. Do you have any tips on how to figure that out? Also what markers are you using that blend so nicely together?
    Love you friend!

  4. I'm going back to your post. Is Copic the brand of markers or what does that mean exactly?


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