Saturday, July 23, 2011

Project Clean Studio

Well...this card is the last project I will complete until I have sorted, purged, cleaned and organized my studio! It was the birthday card I made for Weston's 21st birthday...seriously -- how can I have a son that is 21?!?!?!?! The large compass was made by using a Tattered Angels Glimmer Screen, Distress Ink and a stipple brush. I added some dimension to it with Copic Markers and my white Signo pen. I promise I will work on a tutorial once I get the studio straightened up. By the way - BlueMoon Scrapbooking has a sale going on a set of 12 Copic Sketch is a really good way to get started with them, if you haven't already. Just click the link above and it will take you to the sale page.

Over the course of creating projects for What You Make It, I have accumulated duplicates of many things and have lots of partial paper packs and embellishments...and while I LOVE all the products, I need to get ready for all the projects I will be doing this fall. So, I am seriously doing a MAJOR purge - I am being ruthless so that I don't have to do this again for awhile...and will be creating some "Scrappy Surprise Boxes" to post on Ebay....but I thought I would make them available here first. Each box will be I won't be able to show you what is in them...but I promise I will fill a flat rate USPS box to the brim with paper, stamps, ribbons, ink, trim, embellies, alterable items....who knows what all. Let me know if you might be interested...They will be $35 and $50 with shipping included. I can send you a PayPal invoice.

Ok...I am headed to looking forward to church in the morning...and then I will be back in the studio to once again plow through the sorting and purging. This is my least favorite thing to do...but I will put some really "happy" music on and keep thinking about how much fun these goodies are going to have being used by another artist!

I may even do some give aways on my YouTube please check it out next week as well.

Ok...I tell you what...let's do a give away here to start out! I have a 7 Gypsies ATC and Photo Display that I will send to the lucky winner.

I love mine - I change it out with the changing of the seasons - just a fun way to display pictures, cards and items from swaps. To enter, leave me a comment and tell me what you do to keep yourself motivated when you have to do something you don't enjoy! I will probably need ALL of your suggestions to get through this week! *smile* I will do a drawing next Sunday night July 31, 2011.


  1. Don't add me to the giveaway, please. Awesome item that it is the winner will be so happy!!!

    I just want to leave a tip. Have three boxes ready. On copy paper write "Keep" on one, "Give Away" on another, and "Trash" on the third. You can begin with your paper stash. Aids in digging through the box later to find the hidden ribbons, buttons, and embellies that always seem to find places to hide. Hint, I've been down that road before :-)

    Motivation tips I don't have, sorry. Maybe a treat after an hour or two at your favorite Smoothies joint ;-).

    Good luck and I hope you have fun.

    Love you - Leslie

  2. Dena Bost11:00 AM

    I can only *imagine* what your stash must be!!! Sure do miss crafting with you, my sweet friend. We need to get together soon - even if it is just for a quick cup of coffee and a hug!

    Love you - Dena

  3. When I don't want to do something, but it needs to get done, I separate it into smaller projects. Like organizing your studio, for instance, I would say, "Today I'm going to organize my ribbon by color." "Tomorrow I will organize this set of drawers." In other words, set small goals and it's easier to achieve and keeps you motivated to keep going to the end. Hope this helps. Thanks for doing this giveaway. Wish me luck! LOL

  4. Dear Jann:
    I've being putting it off as well. Tomorrow I'm having a garage sale but I couldn't part from my paper, laces, bling, and stuff. I need t sit down and see what I REALLY REALLY don't need ...but I think I NEED EVERYTHING... thank you for the giveaway...
    best regards,

  5. Favorite motivational tool for doing things I don't like to do is fun peppy music. It might be 80s rock or Christian as long as its upbeat and fun it seems to make the boring stuff go faster. :p

  6. I have a similar problem - my stuff seems to multiply by itself (I know it doesn't hehehe) My tip would be to do as you are - one day at a time - perhaps take photos of before & after. Congratulate yourself daily at what you have done to keep your spirits up.
    One organization tip - I started storing my stampe sets in pizza boxes (the wood ones) so I'm not digging in a box for a stamp I want. They are organized by "flowers" "birthday/holiday" "baby" etc.
    Good Luck and thanks for the giveaway and a chance to win!
    ladym at utahis dot com


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