Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stippled Distress

Well...I am making progress on the studio...and decided to take another little break to share one of my all time favorite techniques...STIPPLE DISTRESS.

Check it out:


  1. I love your warm and sharing heart.

    Thanks for giving this tutorial. Breaking it down into little steps as you have done makes this awesome technique look easy. Thanks for the light and shadow demonstration also. Fantastic technique and the results are stunning.

    Sure wish I were home to make some cards for your friend's fellow soldiers. Sad to think of some of the guys and gals not getting mail from home. Thank you for offering this. I will be part of it when I do get home.

    Happy to hear your cleaning and purging is making you happy now. The evidence of all your hard work is showing itself.

    Love you Girlfriend - Leslie

  2. I found you only yesterday and I have learned so much from your videos. You are so kind/generous to take the time to show us your techniques and share your love of crafts.


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