Sunday, July 24, 2011

In The Meantime

So I told you yesterday that I am on "creative lockdown" until I get my studio cleaned, sorted and purged! But that doesn't mean that I can't share some creative ideas...right? So for the next few days, I am going to pull some of my favorite layouts - either for the story they tell, the technique I used, or just because! *smile*

This one I called Heaven's Canvas....and I still love it! Let me point out a couple of things about it. First, the picture at the top - that looks like a "canvas" was actually a picture that I printed onto a transparency and then transfered to the cloth with gel medium. It is a great distressing technique because the full image rarely transfers completely. This layout was created after Royce and I took a trip to New Mexico. It was my first trip there and I was absolutely overwhelmed with the beauty I saw. I loved all the rich warm colors....and took TONS of pictures. I did eventually create a mini to hold them all - but I wanted to have a layout for my scrapbook that captured the feeling of the culture, the scenery - the beauty.

I created the weathered edge with a piece of torn paper, a stipple brush and distress ink. Since I shared a project with you yesterday where I used distress ink and a stipple brush, I better put that on my list of technique videos to share with you since it is one of my "go to" techniques.

Two other quick things that I did that you might want to try....I printed out four wallet size pictures and then punched out part of each picture with a 2" square punch. I crimped a piece of kraft cardstock and placed all four pictures together in a group to make them function more as one element. I like the effect and have used it in several other layouts. Put that one in your bag of tricks next time you need to get a LOT of pictures on a is another way I used pictures punched out with a 2 " square.

This layout was called "Favorite Things" and I used the 2" punch to get lots of pictures on the lining them up they also form a block. It was a quick page - but still one of my favorites. I even doodled a bit around the edge...something that used to intimidate me! No telling what I might do when I get back to creating in my studio! Looking through these layouts has reminded me that I really need to do more pages to share with you I will add that to my list as well.

Hope you all are ready for a great week...I am determined to put some time in every night after I get home from work on the studio. I have been finding some really yummy things - so the scrappy surprise boxes are getting filled with lots of goodness. I even am putting some kit club projects in - since I figured I have too much to get done and will not get back to working with them - that I will share them with you let me know if you are interested. (see my previous blog to learn more about the scrappy surprise boxes!)

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  1. Oh mercy me!! Your New Mexico layout is....divine...there I said it. I'm trying to control myself and not write a book about your layout. Did you know the traditional Navajo thank their "Creator" each morning as the sun is just coming up in the east? They sprinkle corn pollen (don't know what that is) into the air during their prayer chant in thanksgiving for another day.

    Your layout stirred my heart and my soul. Thus "Divine". Thank you for sharing this awesome page.

    I love your other layout also. Your Favorite Things. Fantastic idea there for lots of photos to share.

    You will have people clambering for your goodies. I'm too far from home to participate. As for your studio purging, there is no other way out except through and you will find your rythm.

    Love you Girlfriend - Leslie


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