Monday, July 25, 2011

I Love Clarity!

Don't you? I remember a saying that my grandmother (I talk about her a LOT - I called her Jammy Jane and she is still who I want to be when I grow up) used to say..."That was as clear as mud!" When I was little, I never failed to say, "Jammy Jane...mud isn't clear!" And she would always laugh and say "I KNOW!" So much about life is "clear as mud" - perhaps that is why I love clarity. I love when I can see my way clear in a decision. I love when the answer is clear, the sky is clear, my mind is clear and my conscience is clear! I LOVE CLARITY!

So it probably comes as no surprise that I also love a little clarity in my scrapbooking! A few years ago acrylic elements were REALLY big....and I acquired quite a stash. This is a layout I created with some pictures of my dear friend's twin sons. It was one of those unbelievably good "photo moments!" I was standing on a chair and one of them just squatted down to grab an apple and looked up at me just as I snapped the picture....later they both worked together to pick up a big cast iron pan filled with apples...and perhaps the funniest thing was when we were all done with the photo shoot I looked down at the pan of apples and the twins had taken a single bite out of EVERY last one of those was PRICELESS!

I used a couple of acrylic elements on this layout....the flower that is tucked halfway behind the largest picture -- and the word "apples" down on the bottom were both Heidi Swapp "ghost" elements that I just put some black acrylic paint on the edges to make them stand out a bit more. I really do like the way you can see through them - and yet still have a real sense of the role they play on the page. Even though acrylic elements aren't necessarily the latest craze...I still reach for them often. I did a series of YouTube videos about techniques I like to use when working with clear elements. I thought I might share the first one here...and then if you want to see the rest of the series be sure and check out the remainder of the tutorials here.

So - try a little clarity in your scrapbooking! Or is that "clear as mud?!?!?" *smile*


  1. You are amazing!! Love this layout. The boy's face enlarged and so adorable, the two brothers straining to carry that huge pot. Your acrylic pieces are fantastic. Leaving the photos to show through while the title pops in the air.

    Thank you for sharing the story of this layout. Both the story and the layout are delightfully adorable. And, thanks for reminding me of your awesome technics with acrylic.

    Love you - Leslie

  2. Oh they are so little. Time sure has past. I love the single bite out of all the apples!


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