Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Great book by the way.
I read it.
Gotta give KelliCrowe her props.
I don't know her.
I do lurk on her blog.
But I now know KelliDarrSuperStar
And she knows KelliCrow...
That's closer than Kevin Bacon.
Who also seems to have a "free style"
But I lose my way and my point.

I looked at my pages
They don't look like KelliCrowe's
That's good...because I would be
a copycat....that would be bad.
They don't look like Doris Sanders'
or Stacie Julians, or Heidi Swapp's or
Jeanette Herdman's (my new friend by the way).
They look like ME....my style...whatever that
may be...on any given day. Some of my pages
don't even look like each other. (perhaps I have several
designn personalities).

My point...and I do have one is that as long
as I am FREE to put down on paper the things
that are in my heart...I am FREE...and not ....


"designed constipated." Perhaps too gross
of a metaphor. But appropriate...I think.

Probably nobody wants to write that book....

"Dulcolax for the Designer" If I could
come up with a better title, I think
I would write it. "How to be YOU and
love it."

This was a great weekend at SCRAPIT! We had
a wonderful retreat. Lots of fun ladies.
Too much wonderful food. Lots of styles and each
perfect for the person doing the designing.

I learned from each of them. Added to my
arsenol of techniques and ideas...added to my
FREEDOM. That's cool.

Affirmation gives me freedom too. When
someone looks at my work and says, "Wow, I
can totally see you in that...or Hmmm....how did
you make that happen?" I store away that technique
as something I want to try again.

I will read the book again...and if I ever come
within 100 yards of KelliCrow...and can do so
without appearing to be a stalker or a
raving lunatic I am going to rush up and



Affirm the Heck Out of Her.

How about you all...what gives you
freedom to create with freedom.


  1. Jann...you crack me up. I too am a stalker of KelliCrowe. I met her when we were in Alabama. She is a super sweetie and is very humble about any praise that you give her.

    It was so great to see you think weekend. I need to make more of an effort to get to crops, but it is sort of hard with Miss K

  2. And you do such amazing work. Your freestyle is really great. I hope you are feeling better soon. I left a little something for you at Scrap It today.

  3. I wish I had gotten to see all your weekend creations in your "Jann-style" which is so cool! Will you post them here? Hope so! You can be our local "kellicrowe", k?

  4. Too funny!
    Love your freestyle.
    Loved watching it in action this weekend.
    See you soon!!!!

  5. You, my Scrap It friend, are a truly inspiring person. Loved this post. Hope to get to know you better (and to know what the heck Freestyle is...I'm guessing we're not talking swimming. No difference, I can't do that well either!) But ya know what? I'm ok with who I am! I'm a Scrap-Lifter and proud of it! Gives me more time to blog and enjoy my babies laughter!

  6. Jann - what an awesome blog entry. You always uplift me with your positive attitude.


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