Saturday, August 20, 2011

Magnetic Storage Boards

Hello Friends...

Hope you are having a great weekend! I have been working my way through a "to do" list that is clearly longer than the weekend will allow for me to get done - but it is still very satisfying to put a check in the box next to an item. Even though I am a great fan of technology - my "to do" lists are still old school...a handwritten list with little boxes next to them - stuck up on my refrigerator for easy review!

Three of the items on my list were to 1) Finish shooting the tutorial on how I made my magnetic storage boards, 2) Get the tutorials edited and posted on YouTube and 3) Figure out a way for you to purchase a blank magnetic board or order one that is already made.

I have finished taping the tutorial...and will get it edited and posted tomorrow - actually it will be two videos...I wanted to give you a LOT of detail on the techniques that I used...even if you don't want to make one for yourself, the techniques are FUN to play with so I thought you might enjoy seeing them in detail.

And now, I have figured out how to let you order your own magnetic board in the format you choose.

The first way is for you to just order a blank so you can make your own. I realize finding a board with enough iron in it for it to hold these heavy dies is actually pretty hard to locate. A cookie sheet (I tried using several different versions of these a couple of years ago when I was creating a magnetic Advent Calendar for a class I was teaching) almost always has too much aluminum in it to hold the dies securely. I have several blanks still available from that project class and thought I would make them available to you. The blank is bare steel with rounded corners and a pre-drilled hole for hanging.

The other two options are Magnetic Storage Boards that I will make for you...based on the two versions that I created for the tutorial.

One is made with pre-printed tissue paper...I will use some 7 Gypsies kraft tissue paper and a make each one unique with tissue tape and stamping. I will not be adding the shapes sillouettes like you see in this picture because you will want to arrange those for yourself or may not want to add them at all.
The second version is made following the steps I show in my video tutorial...stamped and collaged tissue paper with additional stamping done to add depth to the finished board.

If you would like to order one, please just select the version you would want from this drop down menu - during check out you will have an opportunity to add a message - so please use this area to tell me if you have a color preference and I will try and match it as closely as possible. Remember, each one will be unique and one of a kind.

Magnetic Board Options

I still have five Flat Rate Shipping Boxes filled with scrappy goodness that you can purchase as well...Each box is different, filled with paper, embellishments, stickers, trims and anything else that will fit!

I have heard from some readers that the PayPal buttons are not working correctly and others are finding they work fine - so I will do some research. If you have a problem, please leave me a comment with a way to get hold of you and I will send you a PayPal money request. Sorry for the inconvenience, I am sure there is just a setting that I have wrong...will do some research.

Ok - so I am off to go put a check box on my To Do list...and call it a night! Have a great Sunday! Will be working on getting the tutorials posted be sure and check back!


  1. I'm interested in purchasing 2 blanks. When I hit the pay pal button, it doesn't present me with any price - just opens the general pay pal page...
    Thanks tons!

  2. I would love 3 blank magnetic boards. If you could send me an invoice to I will pay you promptly! =)
    Thank you!
    Kellye Kimmel-Fondren

  3. Do you think a magnetic board you can get in stores, will work to? I have some examples. Please email me t make sure..

    Thanks so much

  4. I just discovered your site. Love the tutorials. I'm a "player" too. Can you email a bill and where to send it. I will pay that way as I cannot get anything but my PayPal main page. No options to buy anything! As soon as I receive the billing I will send payment and then you can ship.
    I want 3 magnetic sheets plain and and one box filled with goodies. I love surprises!
    Hugs, Della


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