Thursday, August 11, 2011

Long Overdue

I had a great surprise on Saturday night. Some of you know that I was doing a Scrappy Yard Sale on Saturday...since I have so many wonderful goodies that need to go to a good home. What you may not know is that inspite of the fact that we have had NO RAIN for weeks...although we have had a 30% or greater chance of rain quite still has not rain. So I was not the least bit concerned when on Friday the weather report called for a less than 30% chance of rain....silly me! We were not set up more than an hour before the rain began to fall! I was blessed to have set up under a car port...but everyone else was out in the open we all scrambled to get multiple tables of everthing from ski jackets to CDs to antiques either covered up or pulled under the car port! It was CRAZY! And of course the sky would fool totally cleared up - making us believe that we should drag everything back out again! I am laughing now - because we were quite the comedy show if you had had a front row seat to watch all our antics! By the time we decided to call it quits, we had lugged rain sogged boxes and bags back and forth a dozen times! Of course, all the folks that would normally have come to the sale had the sense to stay home! So - needless to say, when I got home I was exhausted - wet - tired and cranky! LOL I wanted to go take a shower and crawl into bed....and I ALMOST got to! But Royce had a surprise....he had gotten us tickets to go to the Grand Ole Opry! When he told me...I didn't even hesitate....I said 'Let's go!" See, I have lived in Nashville for a LONG time...but we have just never gotten around to going to the Opry and it is high up on my "bucket list!" High enough that even as miserable as I was - drenched through to the skin and aching all over - I asked, "do I have time to dry my hair!!?!?" LOL Add to that, it was the night that the Oak Ridge Boys were being inducted into the Opry! Can you believe that they hadn't been already?!?!? I know this will date me - but just hearing an ORB song takes me back to my college days! In my humble (but accurate opinion) - this was long overdue!

And - I want to share a new artist that we heard that night. His name is Jacob Lyda...and check him out - he will be making a splash on the Country Music Scene. I am going to share one of the songs he sang on Saturday...I hope you enjoy!

It was just so much fun...and I quickly recovered from my totally NOT FUN Saturday yard sale! I am resheduling the yard sale for a week from this Saturday (we are supposed to have rain again THIS Saturday too -- and I am NOT taking a chance!). I do still have a few "Surprise Boxes" that are available and ready to be if you haven't gotten one - and still want one, let me know as I have 5 that can be shipped out at a flat rate.

Finally, I apologize for not being a good blogger this week...but I have been working some long hours - and when I have gotten home, I have been working on a commissioned work for a dear friend. Her granddaughter is PRECIOUS...and she wanted me to do some projects for her before her trip this weekend. Below is a VERY bad picture of the framed collage (I took it with my phone) - and I didn't get a picture of the other project...sorry!
I am also finishing a mini album that I am doing for a friend with THIS beautiful paper...I LOVE IT! - so hopefully will have a new video to share soon! Hope you are having a great week!

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