Thursday, March 02, 2006

Back on Track

Oh yeah...I got to go back to work today! Probably more importantly, I am feeling much better. Guess there really is something to this "bed-rest" thing after all. *smile*

I did come home after a meeting I had out of the office -- so it was technically a "short" day -- but I still feel like I got some things accomplished at work non-the-less.

When I got home, I finished the altered journal that I have been working on for my friend's daughter who is going on two school trips in a week. Her Mom wanted her to have a fun journal to keep track of everything in -- so we put this together. Thought I would let you see the cover and one of my favorite pages.

Hope everyone is doing well...




  1. Glad you're feeling better! I absolutely love this journal! I think it is so clever of you to think of altering the inside pages.

  2. I love the book!
    I know she will have fun filling it with her memories.
    Great to see you yesterday.
    Can't wait to see you on Saturday.
    Remember NO cheerleading!

  3. Love the way the journal turned out. You are definitely a talented scrapbooker! So glad you are feeling better too; sometimes following doctor's orders is a good thing, right? Hope to see you at the crop this Friday!



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