Saturday, March 18, 2006

Deep Thoughts

Well...I can tell that I have totally relaxed because my brain has moved from thinking about "what do I have to do next?" to "the meaning and purpose of life" kind of thoughts.

As I was sitting looking out over the Pacific Ocean this morning, I was listening to some great praise music by a friend of mine and watching a mother whale teach her new born calf how to jump out of the water and splash its tail. (I won't go into all of it -- but I did just take a whale watching expedition and am FILLED with little known facts about the humpback whales lifestyles and preferences.) Suffice it to say -- the momma can't start making the trip back to Alaska (where she can feed again -- there is nothing for her to eat here) until her calf is strong enough to launch itself out of the water and hit a predator hard with its tail. I don't know if this momma was motivated by hunger or maternal instincts but they stayed at it for almost an hour. It was mesmerizing to watch...and then it got me thinking.

Only a few short days ago, I was basically unaware of this life cycle happening over here in Hawaii. Yes, I was excited about seeing the whales -- but more in a "hey, cool -- look at that whale" sort of manner. It wasn't until I got here and learned details about their lives that watching them and caring what happened to them took on a whole new meaning. I WANT that little calf to make it (almost half don't). I am amazed at the maternal sacrifice of going without food for more than four months in order to come back to Hawaii to give birth, nurse and prepare her calf for life. Seriously -- no food for FOUR months...that means no chocolate too --- man is that momma whale committed!

Anyway, back to my deep thoughts (most really didn't involve the life cycles of whales) -- I started thinking about why God sent His Son down to earth to be with us. It wasn't because He watched us from far away and thought, "wow, hey cool, look at those people I created." He was already present with us...He knows us...He knows our trials, our joys, what gives us peace, what we are willing to sacrifice for and what we aren't. But He also knows that we live in our own "present." If it isn't right there in front of us -- or around us -- we don't give it much thought. He knew that about us -- and our HUGE need for salvation and sent His Son to be with us. That is totally cool to me...

Ok...enough deep thoughts...perhaps it is a good thing that I head to Oahu on Sunday and start getting ready to teach next week...I am finding deep meaning in whales!

You all take care and know I love you, miss you and look forward to being "present" with you again soon. You are not out of my mind.


  1. Deep Jann. LOL You are so right - we are so blessed that God loved us enough to send His Son, right? Sooo many people take that for granted. So sad.

    Love your deep thoughts today - I still miss you!

  2. How interesting about the whales. So are whales afraid of anything?


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