Thursday, March 09, 2006


Hello friends...

Sometimes -- isn't that an interesting word? It means that there are only a certain number of "times" something occurs. Not always....that is really what it means. Not always. That is what makes "sometimes" special. Because you never know when a "sometimes" is going to happen.

You have to watch for "sometimes" moments...or you miss them. For instance...

Sometimes I am sad. But that means I am not ALWAYS sad. I need to remember that when I am is only a "sometimes."

Sometimes, I stop for a Marble Mocha Machiato at is that a great sometimes!

I started thinking about this word when I did a lo about a little girl I met in Oreol, Russia. I called it it is. The journaling is in a pull tag behind it.

Last week, I did this other two page LO about my honey, Royce and his son, Weston. He is such a great Dad...and has made lots of memories with him...has really built into him. I found a quote that I loved..."Don't wait to make your son a great man...make him a great boy." I loved it and felt that was EXACTLY what Royce has I created a LO around it.

Hope you all have had a great week...and are looking forward to a great weekend. Sometimes something special happens on the weekend!

Love you guys


  1. Oh girl - every layout you do is my new favorite!!! You always move me to tears too. I have to have a hankie ready when I check your blog. LOL!

    I love both of them and I'm just amazed at your talent and your sweetness. Can't wait to see ya tomorrow!

  2. Beautiful! I'm especially moved by the "Sometimes" layout. I just love to read your blog! You are so uplifting!

    I have to say that even though it was in a picture, I still got nervous seeing those 2 lie down on the tracks.

  3. You are so wonderful!
    You should write a book of all your thoughts.
    You seem to say the things on your heart so well.
    Your layouts are beautiful!!!
    See you tonight.
    Can't wait to watch you create
    another masterpiece!


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