Thursday, March 16, 2006


Surprise indeed!

Weston had NO idea that his best friend, Taylor was joining us for our trip to Hawaii over spring break. Even though they had played in a paintball tournament on Saturday, Taylor kept the secret.

On the way to the airport, Weston was trying to feel out Royce and myself on which one of us was going to accompany him on his more daring plans...biking down Haleakelah (sp?), Snuba-ing (a combo form of snorkeling and scuba) and surfing. I had assured him that I would go snorkeling with him a lot -- and that we would both be prunes from being in the water together since his Dad isn't a big fan of open water -- preferring to sit and listen to the waves rather than FEEL them buffet his body. He wasn't convinced that it would be fun enough without one of us and I was having to semi-commit to some things that I wasn't sure I was supposed to do yet (since I am still recovering from surgery).

Anyway, we got to the airport and I walked in ahead of them to "get in line at the counter." Instead, I ran around to the side where we had agreed to meet Taylor and his parents and got the camera ready. A few moments later, Weston came in -- heading straight for the counter and looking confused to not see me there. Taylor took a few steps forward and said his name. This is the look on Weston's face when he saw Taylor....

After much jumping around (all over the place and my stupid camera was stuck on red eye -- so I missed most of that) -- they embraced and Weston continued to repeat..."No way! No WAY! No Way!"

Taylor kept reassuring him..."yah -- we're going to Hawaii man...for two weeks!" but I don''t think it sunk in until they were on the plane for several hours.

They are both a joy to be with -- and I have to say that the fact that I didn't have to go out there and go surfing was QUITE the relief!

Love you guys. Am hoping to check out a LSS here on Maui this afternoon...they boys even suggested it after we have run them all over the place and waited for them to do all kinds of activities. I am so blessed!

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