Monday, March 20, 2006

Full Circle

That's the thing about vacationing on an island...if you stay by the shore and keep driving, you will eventually make it all the way AROUND the island. In fact, that is what we did today...with many stops along the way. Here are a few highlights.

  1. 1. Dole Pineapple Plantation and the worlds largest hedge maze.
  2. Glider plane rides
  3. North Shore Bonzai Pipeline (and its ability to reach the TOP of the sand dune we were sitting on and get us all wet!) Fortunately, MY camera was one dune higher....
  4. Eight dozen shrimp shared among seven people sitting out looking over the ocean at a roadside shack...our favorite were the coconut encrusted -- but the butter garlic ones ran a close second,
  5. "How many boys does it take to get one coconut out of a tree?", you ask. We found that it takes all three of them...lots of laughter, rocks and sticks -- but there is a reward of coconut milk when you are done.

We had very much fun today...I am exhausted...going to download all the pics and watch 24 then I am going to bed. The boys however, heard that there was going to be a hula dancing exhibition and just on the off chance that the girls might be wearing "coconuts" they have opted to go over to the beach and watch! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh......hormones -- wonderful things -- particularly when you get three 15-17 year old boys in one place! I was going to show you a few pics of the trip around the island...but the internet connection is too slow to upload them. Will try another time.

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  1. I thought about you in church tonight. I'm going to e-mail you, 'cause it's a long story!! LOL

    Still missing you!


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