Thursday, December 28, 2006

Light and Spice

A couple of pictures from Santa Fe -- non-engagement related.
"Light of the world, You stepped down into darkness..."
What a wonderful song....what an incredible gift. As we walked along the streets of Santa Fe on Christmas Eve, they were lighted with these small paper bags holding candles. It was by their light that we were able to find our way in the darkness. Celebrating His birth...the instant that His light came into this world to show us the way...I was a bit overcome.

And then there was spice. Santa Fe is full of it. Piece of advice -- always ask "Which is hotter/milder? Your red or green chile sauce?" Learned that one the hard way -- it changes in every location -- every day.
I know this next year holds a lot of unknowns for me -- and probably you as well...but because each of you are in my life...all of it will be filled with the warm spice of friends and friendship. Thank you for sharing your life with change the flavor of my life in the very "best-est" way.


  1. Jann! I'm so happy for you! Annie and Tiffany both told me about your engagement. (Tiff saw it on your blog.) I had to come here and hear it in your words. Such a wonderful story. I LOVE the ring! Wow. Just wonderful. Gorgeous. I just could not be happier for you. I have tears in my eyes reading about it. I would say after 15 years of marriage, the best advice I can give is to never try and change who your husband is. Let him be him and you be you and the differences will be what keep your relationship interesting. My husband and I aren't much alike but we share all the same beliefs and values and we talk about our life goals a lot and how we can accomplish them together. As you know, the best thing that you'll ever do is marry a man who loves God and has a daily relationship with Him. So you've got that down!! Go you! The rest is gravy. I promise. The couple who prays together, stays together.

    Love you! I'm so happy for you!

  2. Just a comment expounding (sp?) on Tracie's post... the couple who has good sex together stays together too. Yes-but God still needs to be number 1 in both of your lives.

    Oh and now on to what i was going to say. Love the pictures! Especially love the hot pepper picture!

  3. Love the pics Jannie!!! So great!!! I can't wait to see you soon!!!! Gotta see that bling in real life!!! xoxo


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