Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The tip of the iceberg

The key to not being demolished by the iceburg is to go with the natural flow....and that I basically what I did on our trip to Santa Fe and Abiqui.
1. First we went away to a b&b and talked and talked and talked about serious stuff.
2. Christmas morning...based on my answers to the questions over the past three days, Royce asked me to wear his High School or college ring as a token of our commitment to move forward with each other...going steady. May sound hocky at my age but I was eating it up! Even went so far as to tie YARNS of string about it to make it kind of fit my hand
3. Christmas night -- ouE for a lovely meal....great classical guitar music in the back grounds...just totally enjoyable...and suddenly -- Royce was down on one knee asking me to be his wife.....I didn't even have to think.....YEEEEEEEEEEEEEWS! Then the scrapbook that he had lovingly made (and while it is very lovely and filled with sentimental things I will treasure forever, he has clearly stated that all future family scrapbook endeavors will be left in my hands) to tell the story of our trip and his love for a love language I can understand,...yet another reasonn I love him so much. On the last page was a tag with a little key on it that I had to use on a treasure box found in the room. I found the box and with shaking fingers opened the lock to find the most precious physical gift he has ever given me....the beautiful ring. I love it..I couldn't love it more -- the design ia perfect for ny I get to work on designing one for him that fits with fun.
Well...there are LOTS of things to begin to think about. By for right now I am just soaking in the love that I feel from Royce...the acceptance...the joy that we both feel as we contemplate all that lays ahead for us. We covet your prayers. And Ladies....I am serious -- bring the advice on
Love to all


  1. I just started reading "A Wife After God's Own Heart". My friend had it on her bookshelf and I asked her if I could borrow it. She said that it is an awesome book and should be required reading!

    Your ring is beautiful. Congrats again!

  2. Jannie... I am just so happy for you! Absolutely read that book Hollye said. Great!! Well can't wait to see u!!! Soon I hope!!

  3. Congrats! That was a beautiful story.
    My advice is to read "Sacred Marriage" and a "Wife After God's Own Heart".

  4. Tears are flowing here!!!!!!! Happy, Happy Tears!!!!! Oh my goodness...I still remember the day Rich proposed....I am soooooooo happy for you..isn't it wonderful??!!!! I want to run to your house and just give you BIG hugs!!!!!!!!! Love Ya!!!!!! The ring is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! Happy..Happy...Happy!@$%*&%@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! if i had your number i'd call you right now!!! so VERY happy for you!!! :D


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