Saturday, December 30, 2006

Wedding Planner

Can you believe it? I have a wedding to plan...and the very first step in that is creating an altered notebook to keep all my notes, ideas and lists in! Of course...I am a scrapbooker afterall! *smile*
I found it at Target in the dollar section....painted it and made the pocket dividers into something that would remind me to take joy in the moments of planning and not get too stressed. Thanks for sharing this time with me? Anyone have any ideas? I am thinking small and intimate...and unique -- when you are 45 yrs old I guess it is okay to break some of the rules and I intend to! Woo Hoo!


  1. Anonymous5:47 PM

    I am so excited for you!! We have met before at Scrap It, but I am sure you don't remember me!! I am a "lurker" of your blog. Please know that you so inspire me. There are so many similarities between our lives and you give me hope that some day my wishes and dreams might come true!!! I truly wish you happiness!!!

    My dream wedding would be at my grandparent's church - which is a very small, old church out in the country that would not seat very many people at all. I would keep it very simple and elegant, as well as very reflective of ages past as I am big into vintage/antiques,etc. One of my friends got married on her grandfather's farm on a hill. They had flat bed wooden trailers lined with old crocks and metal tins that were filled with different colors hydrangeas. The wedding attire was very simple and summery. It was simple beautiful. Not a lot of help, I know.

    Again, congratulations!!!

    Lisa Chapman
    Bowling Green, Kentucky

  2. Lisa...

    I do remember you! What a lovely compliment that you come and "lurk." Feel free to drop by anytime -- it is a fun way to stay in touch.

    I love your idea...particularly the old vintagy part with lots of hydrangeas! Wouldn't that just be awesome?!??!

    Let me tell you girl, hold onto the dream! God has His own timing -- and frankly, I have found that my timing is often very different from His -- but when I am willing to wait and do things HIS way, I am so richly blessed. As is the case with marrying Royce. I told him that if someone had told me when I was in my mid-twenties that I was going to marry this fantastic man and described him to me -- and then said, "here's the deal -- you will get the most wonderful husband, but you won't marry him until you are 45 have had a hysterectomy and know that you will not be having children" -- that I hoped I would have had the sense to say "THAT'S a GREAT deal." But God knew that I might not have enough sense and patience at that young he didn't tell me...and yet here I am as happy as can be and have had a life full of other blessings besides marriage in the previous portion of my life. I am truly blessed -- and you are too I am sure.

    Again...thanks for dropping by and saying "hi" and for both you kind words, well wishes and SUPER wedding idea. Have a Happy New Year!

  3. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Thanks for your kind words. I do honestly feel there is some plan for me, although I still have not been placed "in the know." I guess my time to learn what it is will come when it is appropriate. After I read your reply, I thought of another idea that may be helpful. I know you have mentioned Dallas and I used to live in Fort Worth. While there, I volunteered at the Convention and Visitor's Bureau (CVB) at the Stockyards. I don't know where you are planning to have your wedding, but I know we kept lists for things such as unique places for a wedding, caterers, etc., while I was at the CVB. We were able to just hand them out when people came in asking for such ideas. We would also give them a calendar of what was going on in the city, so if out of town guests were coming in they could ideas for them or even make sure there was nothing big going on the same day as their wedding. By contacting the visitor's center where you decide to have your wedding, you might be able to obtain some ideas as well. It is worth a shot.

    Have a great New Year!! I will be at home and hopefully will ring in the New Year with a clean and organized scrapbook room. I bought an old dry sink that is going to be put in my room, so I have to get ready for it!!

    Take care!! Maybe I will see you the next time I come to Scrap It!! I need to make a run down there!!

    Lisa Chapman

  4. Lisa...

    That is an awesome tip! Thank you so much...I am going to check into that immediately!

    Ok...I am very jealous of that dry awesome is that! Happy New Year! Please come down soon!

  5. That is simpy beautiful! When you told me about your wedding planner- I should have known you were altering it. It is great!

  6. Anonymous2:25 AM

    Ok....I HAVE been away TOO long! I missed the whole announcement! I had to go back and read about 4 entries or so! CONGRATULATIONS! So when is the big day? Beautiful ring! Great plan Royce! Whew! Missed all the news since haven't been around "Cheers!" Will try to read this more often...I have been busy remodeling my kitchen and organizing my scrap studio since the family has been gone to excited about all the new rooms! As for the wifely advice...the thing that has made the most impact for me has been to be a student of your spouse...really study what they like, dislike, etc. Another thing is not to find the right person, but to BE the right person...a Godly person...then the rest will work itself out> I pray and wish for you all the happiness this world can offer in these imperfect states we're in...a Godly relationship that reflects His love for His church...I am sure you will have that! Will be watching for more details! Blessings!

  7. Anonymous10:27 AM

    jann -
    as you know I love small weddings - mine was. Do lots of flowers especially hydrangeas...they are beautiful - i can see you with the bluish purple ones - ....i can't wait to come visit and help you plan... I can only imagine how unique it will be.


  8. Jannie,
    Small intimate... surrounded by family and friends. Love the planner! So presh! Can't wait to see u!!

  9. loving the planner! the he said/she said part is delightful! :D

  10. I had a very small wedding and wouldn't have had it any other way. Less than 100 people. We got married in the original chapel of one of the oldest churches in my town. The chapel has original stained glass that has the last names of all the founding members of the church. The only advice I can give you is ENJOY your day. I was so stressed out the Friday before my wedding that I broke down during the rehearsal. The pastor asked everyone to leave so that he could talk to me. He wanted to make sure I didn't have a change of heart. I didn't...I was just at the end of my rope with things that were going on. And he told me matter what happens tomorrow...the flowers are wilted, your cake is lopsided, your great uncle is dressed like a matter what happens tomorrow, at the end of the day all that matters is that you and Brian will be husband and wife and that is the most important thing. And he was right. The wedding is pretty much a blur, but the end result was perfect. If there is anything that I can do to help, just let me know.


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