Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Big Shout Out to Doris...

She is ohhhh so clever...she has not only a creative eye for scrapbooking...but also a creative eye for repurposing. She saw this spice rack at Target in the gift section and knew immediately that it would hold all those little brads, rhinestones, photo turns etc that you always want immediately accessible to you sitting on your scrapbooking table. Of course at the time it was filled with cumin, thyme (who couldn't use a little more thyme), red pepper, and other things that I have dozens of bottles of in my spice cabinet...so why would I even pause to look at a spice rack twice? I have more spices than this chick needs. Fortunately, Doris saw beyond the obvious and talked it up to her friend Renee...who also gets a big "shout out" because she got it for Doris as a gift....which meant that those of us that passed it by without a single thought would have the opportunity to see it.

Once seen...I couldn't resist. I am now the proud owner...and the proud repurposer of this ingenious spice rack. All the spices have either gone down the drain or been combined with the other bottles in my shelf...and each little testube size container filled with the stuff that I want at my finger tips. I am giddy! Elated even!

There were three left at the Providence Target and I bought them all...and gifted two of them -- but kept one for myself. I am told there are no more at the Hermitage store either...but if any of you live near one of the other Target stores in the greater Nashville area...go....go with haste....do not tarry.....do not pass go....do NOT collect $200 (they aren't that expensive...so it is ok to only take a little cash with you). I love that when I open my little jars that I get just the remnant of the spice that was once contained there...it is like opening my spice cabinet just to enjoy the scent.

Anyway...had to share my little happy. (by the way the jars are plastic so they will not break if you want to pick up the whole thing and bring it to a crop....just so you know).

Happy Day to each of you.


  1. Love it!
    I can't wait to fill mine up with all those litte trinkets.
    Thank you! (and doris and renee)!

  2. Jann-You are so BUSTED! How am I ever going to get one at half price after Christmas with all this commotion? Ha...Like I scrap anyhow. Better to keep Doris' mojo flowing than have a dusty spice rack in my house!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Jannie!! I love the idea and i know Anniekins is UBER excited to have been gifted with one! So sweet!!! Well girlie... Ill be at Scrap It Friday w/Doris... come by and play!! xoxo

  4. eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! yours looks so cute! must post mine soon . . . :D

  5. Fun!! Someone actually makes scrap storage made just like that (a scrapbooking co. I mean). Great idea!

    Isn't organizing the most fun part of scrapping? heehee

    Merry Christmas!!!


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