Sunday, December 10, 2006

Organization at Last

now I know for some of you this just causes you to giggle. You somehow manage to have your world totally organized and could show Martha Stewart a thing or two about throwing a good party...but that just isn't me. Oh yeah...I use tools to keep be on track with things that I am responsible for...but give me a mixed up pile of paper, tools, bling, chipboard letters and some brads and ask me to organize it and I will run for the door with my camera in hand. It just isn't fun to me...I know the necessity of it -- but my brain can't seem to grasp the most effective efficient (and why would I spend one minute of my time organizing something that isn't going to be the best!?!?!?!?!?!?!?) way to get things done. I been reading about it. and thinking about it...and inch by inch....foot by foot....all these fun little paper goodies have taken over my home.

BUT NO MORE -- NO MORE I SAY! I am the queen of my domain -- this will not conquer me...nay verily I say until thee!

So... a few cropper hopper page holders, a great early Christmas present to me from me (scrap paper rack I picked up at SCRAPIT!), some enamel bowls and a Shelving Unit I built myself and then modge podged all of my favorite papers all over it...put some of my favorite sayings with stamps....and sewed a quick little curtain to cover up the paper rack in my office/studio.....and a few hours of slogging it through sorting things of all scraptiliousness nature into their alloted place and VIOLA! I am organized. Tada! (the crowd goes wild). Ok...maybe it was just me that went a little wild. Did I mention that my heat went out Friday...and they can't come fix it until at least MONDAY....Did I fail to mention that I had to make 48 Christmas programs (not just any old 48 Williamsburgesque Christmas programs) that took several hours and the help of several friends who I rise up and call blessed.

Anyway...thought I would share the shelving unit in process....made by little ole two hands....and at least two drills....a hammer...a little trim molding....a LOT of MODGE PODGE (which still remains stuck in indelible layers to the fingers of my left hand *won't that a be a press look tomorrow night at the "willilamsburgesqu Christmas party?* I can hear the spouses now...."which one was jann?.....pause.....oh the one whose hands look like she has leprosy. Don't they have a cure for that now?" I digress

Here it is in all its glory.....

The Rack....with paper divided I might add.

The stack of papers I had selected for the modge podging...piled in the garage on the washing machine. It was as warm in the garage as it was in the house....better place to work with stinky smelling stuff/

In Progress....
then in the room


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!
    You are so very talented.
    HGTV watch out!
    Have a wonderful day!!!

  2. Oh my goodness - you never cease to amaze me!! It is beautiful!!! Unbelievable...if I had to "whip up a curtain" it would take me 2 days!!

  3. You are such an organized woman! I always knew that...someone who gets things done! It's beautiful! You go girl! Scrap on!

  4. Jannie!! Love it!!! So presh!!! U go girlie!

  5. Oh my goodness GORGEOUS!!! I haven't read it yet, for the life of me I can't rembember your last name so I thought I glance on your blog.

  6. Oh WOW!!!! I need some organizing, want to help?


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