Saturday, July 07, 2007

Looking for a Career?

Then I would like to suggest that you consider neurosurgery! I am convinced this generation of text messagers and im'ers has a future of carpel tunnel syndrome ahead of them! *laughing* I was doing a photo shoot with Weston for a project I am working on -- and I had to laugh when I sat down to review the shots...because about every eighth photo had him either checking his cell phone or replying to a message....totally cracked me up. Note to self: remove cell phone from general vacinity of any future photoshoot!

This is a little mini-album I did for my nephew...inspired by an album that Ali Edwards had done...Gotta love the Hambly.

Hope you all had a good fourth of July week....I am happy to be back from my conference...and using the weekend to get caught up.


  1. How gorgeous!!!!!
    I would love to see this in person.
    As your handwriting.

  2. Love your books!!! So glad you are back home... ;)

  3. love that book.... :)


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