Monday, July 30, 2007

OLW -- Automatic Response

Ok...this week's word over at the One Little Word Challenge is*automatic.* Had me scratching my head for awhile...first all I could think of was that I drive an "automatic." That sounded old. Then I thought about something my mother always said when I was a little girl..."Saying 'thank you' should be automatic." That sounded preachy (but great advise). And then this afternoon, I saw squirrels out in my yard trying to bury nuts in the ground (which is a whole OTHER story because my yard is all ROCKS) -- and I automatically reached for my camera....aha! Finally -- my one little word could become a layout. Decided to play a bit outside my normal style. Have been seeing some cool "funky frames" on the Scrap In Style tv site....and wanted to see what would happen if I tried to create one myself. Have been waiting for a fun project to use a wonderful kit filled with Tinkering Ink goodies from Scrap It! all these things just seem to come together in this layout....*whew* lots of explaining there -- hope is was worth it! *laughing*


  1. I love it! Love the colors! And of course reaching for the camera is automatic. I decided not to do that one because I couldn't think of anything.

    You are great!


  2. It's great! Love the colors!

  3. I love your layout. The color the freeform (I could really use some of that in mine) the picture of yourself. Great job! Robyn


    one little word

  5. Great job with this word! I have an idea in my head and I actually have a l/o in my head that I want to do..but I haven't taken the pics yet..wish me luck on getting it done! Ha

  6. oh jannie!!! i love this! Totaly gonna have to do a frame like that!! love it!!! u rawked this word!!! thanks for playing! xoxo It's so fun to see my local girlies playing along w/us! xoxo

  7. Jann, this is awesome!!
    Might be my favorite thing you've ever done.
    Such a change in style for you (IMO).
    I really like all your recent layouts.
    You've done quite a bit since I've been to your blog!
    Go you!

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