Thursday, July 19, 2007

Miss You Mom

Today is the anniversary of my Mom going home to be with the Lord. It has been a year of processing lots of things. I decided to do a layout to contain some of my reflections...most are hidden in the envelope -- but the tag reads...I miss you, Mom. I do. We struggled most of the time with our relationship. Probably for reasons on both sides. Still -- when all is said and done -- I miss her. She poured a lot into my life that I am grateful for:

1. Love
2. Faith
3. Love of literature and the English language
4. Creativity
5. Adopting me and giving me a home and a heritage.
6. A sense of right and wrong
7. Love for my sister
8. Appreciation of nature.
9. Imagination -- she is the one that showed me that a refrigerator box could become a personal clubhouse.
10. Sense of humor.

I know she is at home with the Lord -- and I am so grateful that she is no longer sick -- nor hurting. Honestly, I wish we had been able to get everything worked out so we could have been friends -- isn't that what every daughter wishes for? Regardless, there were so many things I admired about her -- and yes, I miss you, Mom.


  1. Wow! That makes me 'almost' want to get closer to my Mom. I'm not quite sure how to do that though!

    We were best friends up until college and then she changed. I think it was menopause...but during that time she was cruel. (I don't even think she knows how bad it was)

    We are friends still, but not so close anymore. I guess I'm afraid to open up in fear of her putting me down. In my mind I don't really think she would do that now, but after a few dreadful years it makes me question everything I say.

  2. I remember our conversation..I guess it has been a year now..about how we have/had similar mom taught me that there is hope and that it is never too late. Thanks

  3. What a great layout!!!!
    I'm glad you are able to reflect and use your scrap talents to honor your Mom.

    The best thing that has come out of my illness this year has been a total restoration of my relationship with my Mom. She was there for me like no one else while I was in and out of the hospital and it changed how I see her forever. Everything I held against her suddenly seemed unimportant and God healed my heart when I let it all go.

    Thanks for sharing your heart, Jann. I know it will help someone else.

  4. Anonymous8:42 AM

    This is stunning! And what a lovely tribute to your sweet mom. Blessings, Rebecca


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