Sunday, July 08, 2007

So Good

to be back at my scrap table... Here are a couple of lo from my time today. My house was clean (no distractions), the CD player was blaring a new CD from Desperation Band...and my hands and mind were busy. So good!

I arrive home to find the Scrap In Style tv kit waiting for me...just so is called Shabby Rockstar....has a great mixture of Hambly, Jenni Bowlin and Lil Davis...along with some absolutely unique embellishments. I immediately thought of this picture of a friend of mine's little girl in total abandon in a recent rainstorm. I am working on a collection of "scrapping your faith" layouts and this one just about put itself together.

Hope you have had a great weekend...relaxing, creative, energizing or whatever you needed it to be. Have a great week!


  1. LOVE the reign lo! Wow. I need to use that. Gonna go dig up some rain pics!

  2. Love them! were a busy girl!
    Hope to see you soon - glad to have you home!

  3. love your layouts!
    Reign is awesome:)
    glad you are home too!

  4. I haven't commented on this one yet? HMmmmm.... I REALLY love the one of HA! I'm going blank on his name...Roy..Ray..Royce. It must be late when I can't even think of his name. You know as soon as I shut down the computer it will come to me.


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