Monday, February 12, 2007

Combo Challenge

As if one challenge was not enough (JBS Chicki's Challenge), I had to combine it with Ali Edward's AEZine challenge this week. Ali's challenge was to write your Creative Manifesto. I loved made me think about why I spend the time I do on scrapbooking and creative things. It made me think beyond "why I scrapbook" -- to why do I put the hours into creative things that I do in addition to scrapbooking. My answers showed me that being creative isn't "just a fun hobby" but rather something that I feel passionately about -- mostly that it is an expression of who God made me to be and it is a form of legacy to leave to my loved ones that will remain after I am gone. Here is my Creative Manifesto.
I CREATE as an expression of
the gifts and talents God gave me.

I CREATE to remember the
past and to document the present.

I CREATE to discover new
things and continue learning.

I CREATE art, document life,
and record things that might
otherwise be forgotten.

I CREATE in order to leave
a legacy for those that will come
after me -- that they will know
of my faith and the joy that has
been my life.

Oh...and for you JBS Chickies....this is from the January kit!


  1. This is VERY pretty and I LOVE the metal frame around the title of your mini -- just BEAUTIFUL!

  2. I really like your manifesto!

  3. Beautimous girl! Way to use the kit!!! LOVE IT!!! o... wonder who is going to win this challenge...11 1/2 hrs to go...

  4. This is a beautiful piece of work & a very thought provoking manifesto.

  5. I LOVE your mini book.
    So wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing it with us.


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