Monday, February 26, 2007

Wise Man

Just wanted to share that I feel like a very fortunate woman being involved with Royce -- and looking forward to being his wife. I was having my quiet time this morning and reading in Proverbs and came across the following words, "It is a wise man who listens and does not speak, for when he does speak others will listen and weigh his words as wisdom." I felt like I was reading a description of Royce. As you know, Royce has been through some troubling times with our business -- but he has mostly listened -- patiently I might add. When he has chosen to speak, I have marveled at the wisdom that has come out of his mouth. I caught this picture of him while he was in the middle of "one of THOSE" phone calls. You can tell from him face that he is very serious...but you will notice his mouth is closed...he is just listening -- not defending -- not arguing -- not trying to persuade...just listening. I love that about him. You see, I have a disease -- it is called ETCMMCOMM. Hard to pronounce I know but it stands for Everything That Crosses My Mind Comes Out My Mouth. Horrible disease. I am always having to go back and apologize for stuff...wishing that I had thought just ONE more second about it before I said anyway -- now you know what I was studying in my quiet time this morning...Keeping Watch Over My Mouth -- and praising God that I am engaged to a Wise Man.
Hope you have a great day.


  1. What an awesome gift he has..I think I suffer from E.T.C.M.M.C.O.M.M. also. I am very defensive..{Gee I wonder why}..but I shouldn't be {now}..I should be way over that..I know I still deal with "stuff". But I am so so so so very very very happy that you have Royce..and you are going to MARRY him!! Has that sunk in yet? I still think to myself..I am married to such an awesome man..I have {3} wonderful children and that we are all so wonderfully blessed..sometimes I have to pinch myself..ya know?
    {BIG} {BIG} {HUGS}!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous2:49 PM

    you are just sooooooo wise:) I love this about you.

  3. Anonymous2:49 PM

    among so many other things... ;)

  4. Oh boy do I have that same disease! Just this week, I had to e-mail someone and apologize for something I said because I wasn't thinking about how it sounded at the time. I'm a lot better about it than I used to be, but I still need tons of work. At least God allows us to grow and helps us. I actually think of you as someone who really listens well. Thanks for pointing out that verse - it's a good one! I love Proverbs.

  5. Not only do I suffer from ETCMMCOM I also suffer with IPBTFWTAS.
    (interrupting people before they finish what they are saying. also known as interruptitis!)
    Hard lessons but I am learning slowly.
    My husband has taught me a lot about communication. He too listens, Knows how to be quiet before he speaks. (also is teaching me to control my interruptitis.)
    So thankful your soon to be partner for life is a wise man.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  6. Jannie... i love how you acknowledge his wisedom. I too acknowledge that in my husband... which has humbled myself in a beautiful way. so glad that you will be his wife, his life partner, his confidant... love u!!!


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