Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Buds and Organization

Ok...perhaps they seem to have NOTHING in common but they do! SPRING.

I always feel the need to reorganize SOMETHING in the spring -- and since my scraproom/office was so out of control that has been my focus. I'm not quite done yet -- but I thought I would give you a sneak peek at how things are going. I have been having a blast pulling some old vintagy stuff out from my mom's house -- some of them were my grandmother's things which totally inspire me to have around me when I am trying to be creative. I also added a garden pot stand next to my scrapping area that serves to keep my "favorites" at my fingertips...clothes pins with favorite ribbon...7 Gypsies and Heidi Swapp tapes, acrylic blocks etc. I also FINALLY got my stamp shelf painted/distressed and hung up. It is so fun to look over and be able to see my favorite stamps all on display...now I won't forget that I have them and will be able to use them more often. Any way -- there is still work to be done -- but I have made LOTS of progress -- which puts a little "spring" in my step.

Happy Tuesday...enjoy the buds on the trees outside...and feel NO GUILT if "spring cleaning" is not your thing!


  1. What a "sweet..beautiful" home you have..I think I caught the organizing bug from ya! Ha.. I really want to paint my scrap area now..your scraproom is so pretty, cozy & soothing. Tommorrow's high is going to be {75}..Whoooo! I will have my windows open and will be doing a little "spring" cleaning myself. Ceiling fans, top of my grandmother's hutch that never gets dusted..I really need to find a nice shelf to go in my livingroom that will hold the ginormous clock hands from Pottery Barn..that Sherri turned me on to. Yay for tommorrow! I can't wait!

  2. Ok, is it wrong to be completely jealous??!! I am LOVING it! I still have so much work to do....ugh. By the way, it will be freezing here again tomorrow - we have a ton of snow (lots of fun sledding!) but tomorrow will bring snow and ice showers. Enjoy the beautiful weather!!
    Dana (currently in Chicago)

  3. UPDATE: 10 o'clock news {channel 5} just forcasted 68 degrees tomorrow..who knows with the people that {try} to predict the weather?..we will just have to wait and see.

    Something cute:
    Izabelle just informed me that when she grows up..she wants to be a "singing weathergirl"..where does she get these ideas? Wish I had her imagaination!

  4. Anonymous12:23 AM

    Nice job on your scrap area! I get inspired but I never seem to get 'on top of it'! Somehow, I just scrap in the mess! At least I have the satisfaction of a layout I like at the end, even if the room isn't in pristine condition!

  5. Love the pics of your scrap area! I love to see organization...makes me want to go clean my area up a bit! Have a great day!

  6. Looks wonderful!
    Perfect place to create!


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