Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pretty Organization

My sweet friend Dana made this wonderful shadow box for me. I think she should win a prize for the most creative use of scrap goods in a "non-album" application. (Yes, I am getting in the mood for the Oscars!) AND the same day she gave it to me, my order of "typographic cards" came from Pottery Barn. It was like they were meant to go together. I LOVE it...very inspiring -- love to have creative things around me when I am creating and this will be front and center in my scrap area.
Then...I have been trying to get my studio/office under control.
Between starting my business, teaching and traveling I have been doing lately, it is such a mess. Trying to both organize and make it a space that inspires me. One of my projects was to create these frames to sit on my desk...just cork and foam core covered in cloth...but I love the crystals and keys hanging from the pegs...beautiful inspiration. Hope your day tomorrow is filled with both beauty AND inspiration.


  1. Anonymous6:33 AM

    Hi Jann,
    On a whim, I "googled" you ... and found your blog. Congratulations on your engagement! I'm so happy for you! Fun to see all of your creativity ... that I definitely remember about you! : ) We are still in RO ... life is interesting. David will be 13, Ben is 8, and Liz is almost 7. Our site still needs some work, but if you're interested, it's: web.mac.com/rmillhouse/iWeb/belc/Home.html. --Martha Millhouse

  2. Jann, isn't that just the coolest thing~ how sweet of dana to make it for you and i love those pottery barn cards....and your keys and crystals look oh so rebecca sower. hope your organizing is going well, if so feel free to come help the needy! ha

  3. What a beautiful shadow box!
    I love what you put in it.
    And the hanging crystals...


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