Thursday, February 15, 2007

10 .....count them 10

I can't believe that I complete 10 layouts/ projects in a week. ... but the big race was on . . . 7 days to create as many layouts/projects from Jenni Bowlin Studio kits as we could . . . "we" being the jbs packers . . . i think we all fought valiantly . . . but in the end youth won out . . . yes . . . uber amber created SEVENTEEN los in SEVEN days . . . no contest . . . yay amber! Doris did 10....3-4 in the last couple of hours. I had nine done and with the encouragement did of Doris and Sherry went and put one more toegether and got it in...fastest layout in the west, I will give a prize (to anyone other than the JBS girls cause they already know) which one I did in less than 18 minutes.

Challenges move us outside our comfort zone and into a crazy creative zone....ths was all of my scrapbooking, I have NEVER done 10 pages in less than 7 days. Now I know I can.


  1. I guess: Not Every Sixteen Year Old.
    2nd guess: LO with the golden bird.

  2. Hi Jann, it's Betty from Bowling Green. All the layouts look awesome - I'm going to guess The Tenors.

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!!

  3. okay I don't know which one it is, who did you tell? I am guessing I couldn't love him more, because you added it AFTER you said you were done!

  4. Well...the prize goes to Sherri...but she had insider knowledge having seen my confession of adding it after I said I was done....but you all made good guesses...Let's see....what should the prize be?!?!?!?!

  5. LOVE the layouts - first of all, i am so glad that you documented that conversation in the 'i couldn't love him more' page. soooo precious. secondly, you can't post this many layouts at once! i have too much to say and my fingers are too tired. how about i call you tomorrow?!! ;)


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